Iris Photoscapes is a family owned business managed by the photographers Dr Tam Doan, his wife Dr Tam Pham, and their children - Hieu and Linh. What began as a love of weekend getaways to see Australia's landscapes has grown to a collective passion for capturing the beauty of nature on film.

The Photographers of Iris Photoscapes use Linhoff 617 Technorama cameras and their world class range of lenses. Occasionally they use Hasselblad 501CM and Nikon cameras.

For best results, the photographers use Fuji Velvia 50 medium format film to caputure stunning landscapes with real and maximum colour saturation.

Because the film used is medium format (6x17cm), images can be enlarged up to 2 meteres long whilst retaining image sharpness, quality and brilliance.

Dr Doan and Dr Pham are full-time practicing general practitioners at the Wellcare Medical Clinics both at Woodville North and Salisbury South Australia. Hieu Doan is a full-time pharmacist working in the local area. Linh is a full-time pharmacy student.

About the Photographers of Iris Photoscapes :

Thanh-Tam Pham

Tam Doan

Linh Doan

Hieu Doan