All photographs purchased from Iris Photography are limited edition prints that are signed personally by the photographer. Each print sold is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to ensure that its value as a collectors item is uncompromised.

Each print is available in a limited range of sizes depending on the photo and printing technique used.

Iris Photography uses the highest quality Cibachrome printing techniques recognized for colour brilliance and long lasting ability. However a range of other printing techniques are available at varying prices and quality.

About Cibachrome:

Cibachrome (also known as Ilfochrome) prints are regarded as the finest photographic prints in the world. These prints are hand printed without digital enhancement. They have optimal colour saturation and sharpness unrivalled by any other printing technique. Sharpness in the image quality is guaranteed, even up to prints to the size of 200x65cm. Cibachrome prints can be presented mounted and framed under glass or laminated and mounted on an aluminium board ready to hang.

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